The Adventures of Sprowkey: Chapter 9, Phoenix, baby!

The Adventures of Sprowkey is part of a series following the whereabouts of a trackable geocaching item. Actual locations and events surrounding this trackable item form the basis for a fictional narrative, creating a unique and interactive geocaching experience. For more background on this series, see the first installment of The Adventures of Sprowkey. 


Last we heard of Sprowkey, he had been found unconscious and severely dehydrated in the Sonoran desert. He was captured by an intimidating gang of desert nomads that included F. Dawg, Kandy Kane, and L.A. Roaming Gnome. As it turns out, this ratty desert gang was really a group of good samaritans at heart. They cared for Sprowkey, and in time, were able to nurse him back to full health.

After his recovery, Sprowkey said his goodbyes to the Sonoran desert gang and was escorted from Picacho Peak State Park back into town under the care of Linda1201. Agent Linda1201 provided the field photos below to prove that Sprowkey was indeed alive and well.

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Once back in Tucson, our special agents wasted no time making their moves. They disseminated across the region and took their positions. It began with some stealthy, short trips in between several secure local hideouts. Cachemasters91 took Sprowkey to Upper Geronimo Wash, where he stayed for 10 days before being picked up by FreddyColgate. From there, the action really gained momentum. Sprowkey made the trek one hundred miles northwest to a place called Kenya’s Love, right in the heart of Phoenix. Here, he made the acquaintance of several other trackables that could potentially become strong allies. Unfortunately, there was no time to get comfortable and make friends. He had to move, and he had to move quick – before his trail could be picked up.


With the help of SylverWinged and Cbritt84, Sprowkey navigated through the heart of Phoenix, making brief respites at the west campus of Arizona State University and the Buckeye Municipal Airport, all the while managing to skirt his adversaries without attracting their attention.

Currently, Sprowkey is in the capable hands of BirdsIView. He’s been in sight of a several hideouts, though something just seemed a bit off at each of them, and BirdsIView is not one to take unnecessary chances on the ground. It’s conceivable that someone picked up his scent while making the move through Phoenix. For now they will proceed with caution, keeping a low profile until another safe haven can be found. While he is finally closing in on the west coast, the finish line within tormenting reach, the real dangers are just beginning.

Miles traveled since last stop: ???

Total miles traveled: 7707


The Adventures of Sprowkey: Chapter 8, Picacho Peak





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Did you ever see one of those inflatable crazy dancing guys in front of a store? We drive pass one almost daily, and we’ve named him Crazy Guy. The kids have had a longtime obsession with Crazy Guy, going back as far as they can remember. Whenever we pile into the car, the first thing they ask is whether we’ll be driving past him. It’s always a letdown when he isn’t out dancing, so I try to rationalize that he’s likely just taking a nap or eating lunch. When I really want to get a rise out of my daughter, I’ll suggest that he’s at the beach, which absolutely infuriates her. She insists that Crazy Guy is not real. At the same time, she’s fallen hook, line, and sinker for our advent calendar filled with treats by sneaky elves that only work while we’re asleep.

As Crazy guy has aged, we’ve lamented that he’s become tattered by the elements. At one point, the top half of his head tore completely off. It doesn’t matter to the kids, who love him no matter how faded and ripped he becomes. So, when we drove by the other day and found a brand new Crazy Guy, bright red body glowing and yellow hair ablaze, the kids went bananas! My reaction was more along the lines of horror, as I anticipated the kids crying foul and classifying him as an impostor. However, they didn’t. They just thought he got a makeover.

We pulled over and decided to celebrate by taking a photo, which prompted a Verizon employee to come outside to enjoy some free entertainment.


We introduced ourselves to the nice man and explained how Crazy Guy has attained celebrity status in our home. He admitted that we’re not the only ones that are obsessed with him. In fact, it turns out he’s a big hit with just about any family that visits the store. In other words, their marketing strategy works! He went on to say that the store employees call him Fly Guy, which was fascinating because we always wondered about his real name. After a little digging around Amazon (no, I didn’t buy this American flag edition for the front yard, yet) I discovered that they are called Sky Dancers.

If you happen upon your own Crazy Guys, be sure to snap a picture or video with the hashtag #skydancing. I’d love to post some of your contributions on my blog. Let’s spread the crazy fun!

Watch our short skydancing videos on YouTube:

#Skydancing video on YouTube

#Skydancing Outtake

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Hershey’s Chocolate World Candy House


Although my family had just been to Chocolate World for Hershey’s S’mores Campfire Party, December brings the Christmas candy house, yet another incentive to visit the sweetest place on earth.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t initially blown away when I first spotted the house. I’ve been blown away year after year by candy masterpieces, and at first glance, this design appeared much simpler than in previous years. It appeared to be basically a big rectangular box without columns or dormers.

It wasn’t until I got much closer that I noticed all of the intricate details, and when I began inspecting it up close I realized that the inside was fully decorated!The windows are not very large, so it is really impressive and sneaky that they made the effort to fully deck out the interior.

window1 windiw2

Some of my favorite details include Santa’s mailbox, the candy walkway, and the front door made from panels of huge chocolate bars. Oh, and if you like Twizzlers, expect to be tickled pink.

You really have to get up close to truly appreciate all of the details and work that went into this chocolate home, so visit Hershey’s Chocolate World and see for yourself!  Admission into Chocolate World  and Hershey’s Great American Chocolate Tour is free.

Other winter attractions to check out while in Hershey include Christmas Candylane, Hershey Sweet Lights, and the Hershey Derry Township annual train exhibit.

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Final Dinovember Recap Photos

Well folks, Dinovember is officially over. We’ll miss those crazy guys. Here’s a recap of the days leading up to extinction.

Here comes December.

Here comes December.



Look- fresh meat!

Look- fresh meat!


Dinovember + Movember = Dinomovember!


Studying up on the Classics



Yep, that is definitely what it is for.

Yep, that is definitely what it is for.

One grande salted garlic latte. Whipped cream with that?

One grande salted garlic latte. Whipped cream with that?

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Dinovember Update #1

It’s Dinovember!

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Fashion for Fashionless Dads: Lee Modern Series Jeans Review

Lee Modern Series StraightIt seems that the conventional sentiment regarding fashion sensibilities of new dads is: they have none. Sadly enough, I often have no right debating this common assertion. I used to believe that I had exceptional style, but lately I’ve been delighted with myself just for getting into clothes that pass the “sniff test.”

Can you relate, dads? Do you reach for your favorite “holy” jogging pants and highly stained “World’s Best Dad” t-shirts so you can switch from rough-housing with the kids, to mowing the lawn, to taking out the trash? Has raising kids reinforced your stance of comfort over style? What’s the point of wearing a suit when your son is going to fling a banana peel at your front side, while your daughter is stamping you with markers on your backside, and your wife is pointing out the half-eaten meatball currently stuck to your bottom side? Yes, that may have actually happened.

During our newborn days in particular, I committed fashion faux pas with the same regularity as taking out the trash. Once, when leaving for work, I forgot to swap my red slippers with my dress shoes. I can now state with authority that Dorothy is a nickname that never gets old with co-workers.

Far worse was the time I was running late to work and left wearing two hats. I was on my way out the door when I spotted my favorite hat on the floor. My arms were too full to carry everything, so I threw it on top of the hat I was already wearing, thinking I’d stop and drop it off as I passed the coat rack. Efficient thinking, right? My irritation due to lack of sleep and always being late would soon be supplemented by the rude people who kept staring at me as I pumped gas. People have no manners nowadays, I thought. It wasn’t until after I paid my bill and was getting back into my car that I caught the reflection of the idiot wearing two hats.


Granted, fashion takes a back seat when it comes to parenting, but there are times when you’ve got to step it up. The good news is clothing designers are beginning to cater to such needs. Take, for example, the Lees Modern Series line of jeans, which I had the opportunity to test out on a music gig last weekend. When playing music, comfort is a must, but it also has to be balanced with the reality that you’re on stage for all to see. Indeed, this would be the ultimate test!

So, how did my Lee Modern Series jeans rate providing style and comfort on stage? Well, the modern style wasn’t uncomfortable at all, as I had previously feared. The fabric had some stretch in it, unlike my usual baggy jeans. They were also softer than my old jeans right out of the box. I had some reservations when I realized that the waistline was lower than what I’m used to, but I adjusted quickly and the thought left my mind. Now, I don’t want to give the impression that I work the stage like dance fitness instructor, but I do need to move around quite a bit, and I was able to do so with ease and comfort. Because I can always be certain that I’ll look and feel great when I wear these, it will make being confident on stage that much easier.


All in all, I’m extremely happy to find a pair of snazzy, modern jeans that don’t sacrifice comfort. I’m making them my go-to pair of jeans for casual music gigs, as well as for any other times when I need to look and feel my best. The only things I don’t plan on wearing my new Lee jeans with are red slippers or multiple hats.


Final verdict: I give the Lee Modern Series jeans a Secret Dad Society seal of approval for both style and comfort!

Disclosure: Lee provided me with a pair of jeans for this review.

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Dinovember Update #1

If you’re not already following Secret Dad Society on Facebook and Twitter (hint, hint), then you’ve been missing all of the dinosaur hijinks going on at our headquarters. There’s plenty more mischief to be had, so be sure to tune in for more dino fun!

Here’s a recap of the last few days:

We've got our eyes on you...

We’ve got our eyes on you…

Our hero!

Our hero!

It's not at all what it seams.

It’s not at all what it seams.

Just foilin' around.

Just foilin’ around.

Whistlin' Dixie

Whistlin’ Dixie

"OK, who's the best swimmer?"

“OK, who’s the best swimmer?”