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The Mysterious Skull: Case Closed



In June, I posted pictures of a small animal skull that my kids found in a playground next to a wooded field. Still wondering what kind of animal it had belonged to, I posted the question on Ask Metafilter, and within a few hours the overwhelming consensus was that it had once belonged to a raccoon. Someone also pointed out that it was seriously gnawed on by another animal, as proved by the scratch marks that I hadn’t even noticed. Another case solved by the internets!skull 1skull 2 skull 3


Can you Identify this Skull?

skull 1Summer has just begun and we’ve already had some fun outdoor discoveries, such as a rabble of butterflies and now this small animal skull. The kids found it in a field next to a playground. It’s no larger than my fist. Can you identify the animal that this belonged to? skull 2 skull 3